Silenced for the very first time

An auspicious 11 insights for vipassana virgins

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Balinese expressionist oil paintings from I Wayan Pugur

A gentle artist of note from Ubud

Everyday in Penestanan, Ubud, we pass I Wayan Pugur. A gentle, old, artist, busying-away in his workshop between the rice paddies. He looks up over the rim of his glasses and smiles a wide smile with soft eyes. Sometimes, when he’s finished painting for the day, you’ll find him playing out with the taxi drivers at the other side of the valley. There’s something eternally mischievous about him. 

Get Calm, The Human Zoo and Sebastien Tellier

Our mountain hut, at night, looks out from this fortunate rock, through our atmosphere, into the vast ventricles of space and time. So many questions. We listen to Sebastien Tellier’s album, ‘Universe’ which, if you don’t already know already, is gorgeous.  Tellier writes beautifully and sometimes sticks a fag in his nose.


‘Unity in Diversity’ – The Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Centre Conference 2019

Ashtanga Yoga has split. Some Ashtangis practice and teach only what Sharath Jois says is right. Some are willing to apply what they’ve learnt over time to modify and diversify the practice. The debate has caused big riffs and many teachers have been stripped of their KPJAYRI authorisation to teach. It all seems incredibly un-yogic.