A real community story

‘Imagination will often to carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.’

Carl Sagan

As our time draws to a close this year in Bali, it’s good to reflect on a really positive story and some beautiful people we’ve met. We hope you get to meet them too. You can. Here’s how.

A perfect day out in Bali

Rise early and join our new friends for a traditional Balinese breakfast in the warung. Hire bicycles or trek through Delodsema in the beautiful morning sun. Visit master silversmiths, traditional wood carvers and be welcomed inside a Balinese compound. Hear about our unforgettable experience.


A genuine Balinese community project

We put an advert out in a local Facebook Group because we were writing an article for the Bali Advertiser on an expat and herpetologist living in Bali, Ron Lilley. We needed a local photographer. Baru popped up with Wayan and Made and they offered their services for free. They rocked up in a fun-time VW and we loved them from the start.


A new friend near the volcano

We visited Baru at his family compound in Taro and had breakfast at the warung opposite his house. He told us about the many interesting projects he’s involved in. Building villas, arranging trips for tourists in his VW with Your Bali Excursion and being nominated as a Village Leader for Tourism.


Baru told us about how his village, Delodsema had been in meetings about inviting a subtle brand of tourism to his village. He asked if we’d come and spend the day with him in Delodsema to see for ourselves. And what a beautiful place it is.

A picturesque village of artists and crafts people

Meeting traditional wood carvers, silversmiths, cafe owners, farmers, home-owners and village leaders, we were really treated to a beautiful day. But the best but was yet to come. After we’d visited Barus’ village, he took us down to the real village secret, Semara Ratih.


Semara Ratih is an amazing project unfolding in the jungle

Work started on Semara Ratih in March 2018 with community volunteers digging swimming pools, creating fountains, creating a yoga platform and a meditation cave. Planned completion is for summer 2019 and the community hope it will be a place to invite tourists to have a relaxing and peaceful experience of Bali in very natural surroundings. We wanted to help in some way.

Inspired by community

We left with lots of inspiration and stories from our visit and a new understanding of the people and culture of Bali. We decided to help Baru and his community write and create a website to help promote the activities of Deldsema and Semara Ratih. Please like, share, promote and most of all, get here and visit.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 11.00.36

Visit the Delodsema Village website


Good luck Baru and all in the village of Delodsema

It was wonderful to meet you all and we wish you all the best for the future of your inspiring project. Thank you for showing us a genuine piece of Bali. Thank you for a beautiful day out in your village and we look forward to the ongoing developments of Delodsema Village and Semara Ratih.

With love

The Mat Movement


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