The Fellowship of the Flow

Men get discounted yoga clothes with The Mat Movement

Partnering with men’s yoga clothing brand So We Flow, we at The Mat Movement are pleased to offer our friends a discount at their online store. When you get to the checkout, simply add our special code THEMATMOVE10 and you’ll get a useful ten percent off everything you buy. Try it. And no matter where you are, they ship worldwide.


So We Flow make movement easier for men

So We Flow recognise that yoga has changed the lives of many, and they want more men to put their mind and body into action to get the same rewards. With clothes that make movement more accessible, whether you’re an expert climber of a first-time yogi, they hope to give men that chance.


The Mat Movement and So We Flow buddy up

We’re big fans, and we’ve been partnering with them to create some content in their journal too. So be sure to check them out. Read them up and get yourself a new wardrobe while you’re at it.


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Much love


Visit so we flow



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