The Mat Movement featured on the So We Flow men’s yoga clothing site

The Mat Movement gets fashionable new man-friends

We are excited to have our first featured article in the web journal of men’s yoga clothing brand, So We Flow. The UK based online store offers understated, relaxed and fit-for-purpose clothing for men who move. Tops, pants, shorts and accessories for climbers, traceurs, yogis, calisthenic athletes and men who stroll to the newsagent to get a lottery ticket. We all count.

Yogic inspiration from the good guys of yoga

Check out The Mat Movement
article and take a peek at the content that So We flow are putting out. The guys share a regular Yoga Mixtape on Spotify which is great for new musical inspiration, teacher’s class planning or your own home practice. There are interviews with prominent men yogis, men’s yogi clothing and product reviews and other male orientated nuggets of yogic inspiration.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 16.29.05

Two fundamental rules guide what So We Flow do:

1. To create functional, thoroughly tested clothing with men’s (and the World’s) best interests at heart.

2. To inspire, teach and simply make it straightforward for men to move.

Here at
The Mat Movement, we don’t think these intentions are too shabby. In fact, we’re really pleased to be supported by the good guys. Thanks for the inspiration and we look forward to sharing more of your inspirational style and content.

Check out the So We Flow Article here and grab the last man spot on The Mat Movement’s Tres Posh Ibiza Yoga Retreat 

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